About Me

Hi! I’m Lintaa: an avid food lover and cooking enthusiast. I do all the cooking and the its photography here at CheesenButter. As a person I am a food explorer and recipe curator. Creating new dishes and giving a tinge to old recipes that make it more interesting is my thing.

I am into the full time job of Marketing from Monday to Friday and Saturday Sundays are completely devoted to Cheesenbutter my food love  

I started CheesenButter in 2017. Recently, I purchased my first camera and then began my journey of clicking pictures to showcase and boost my cooking. I am a fitness enthusiast besides being a cooking enthusiast hence, you will find that my recipes apart from being tasty are also extremely healthy and nutritious for the people. This website is my way of marrying two of the activities I love the most, cooking and fitness.

My Inspiration

Although I have been cooking from the age of 7 years , my passion was highly boosted because of my 98-year-old maternal grandfather back home. He is a man not just of honor but also someone who loves to take care of his health in a major way. For the past 60 years he has been consuming raisins with black pepper almonds every morning. Apart from this even today at this age, he exercises for 30 mins every day. In his food habits, he makes sure that he consumes curd and salad every day without fail along with food that is less oily and prefers food that is cooked in ghee since that is comparatively better for health than oil.

7 years ago I was blessed with a handsome baby boy whom we named Noddy. He is in true words the ‘apple of my eye’ since he is everything I wanted in my child and aspires to be and do so much more than that. So far, he is able to make a cup of tea for me and maggi for himself but he is learning his way around the kitchen by helping my in chores like washing cutting and chopping and sometime he suggested me for recipes too!

So what kind of recipes will you find here?

My recipes shall not only be tasty but also primarily keeping in mind the nutrition and fitness aspect of it. It shall range on various cuisines at display in our country right from North to South and East to West. My hope is that through sharing recipes on CheesenButter, I can help other home cooks in the same way.

As Indians we cook a variety of dishes but most of our dishes are cooked without keeping the nutrition aspect in mind, making it unhealthy to consume. Years of unhealthy cooking and consumption of food has made us lethargic and slow to move around.

As a mother of a 7-year-old it is essential that I embed in him a love for good food, nutrition and fitness from a very early age. As kids are, he too is fussy to eat some things making me to come up with interesting ways that would make him consume all the right things at this tender age. I assure you that as home cooks many of you would find amazing and different recipes here that are not only tasty but also innovative to make.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little look into who I am.  I am looking forward to knowing a little about you as well my readers! Once you try out the recipes mentioned on my blog, I look forward to knowing your experience at how it turned out! Thank you so much for stopping!!!

Love Lintaa