Health Benefits Of Ginger

Ginger is a popular herb in Asian countries. From the ancient time, people are using this herb to cook delicious food. Zinger is basically the root of the tree. It is a part of Zingiberaceae family. This root herb not only makes your food delicious, it also has a lot of medicinal values.

Nutritional Value Of Ginger:

Ginger is rich in essential vitamins and minerals. That is why this herb is being used as a medicinal herb form the ancient times.

  • Ginger is low in calorie content. 100 gm ginger has only 79 calories.
  • Ginger is a rich source of essential mineral like sodium. 100 gm ginger has 14mg of Sodium in it.
  • Ginger is also a very good source of Iron.
  • Potassium can also be found in ginger. You will find 33 mg of Potassium in 100 gm of ginger.
  • Vitamin C can be found in ginger too.
  • Ginger is also a very good natural source of vitamin B6.
  • Zinc and Phosphorus can also be found in ginger but in small quantity.
  • Magnesium is also present in ginger, which is an essential mineral of the body.

Impact Of Ginger On Your Health:

From the ancient times, people are using ginger as a medicinal herb. Ginger is being used for a variety of purpose.

For Better Digestion: Ginger can improve your gut health easily. Ginger has a lot of phenolic compounds, which help to reduce gastrointestinal inflammation. It also helps your body to produce more enzymes, which help you to digest your food faster.

Relief From Flu: Ginger is a diaphoretic and it helps you to sweat. Cold and flu happen due to microbial attack. By sweating, your body heals itself and ginger help to make the process faster.

Faster Muscle Recovery: The active compounds of ginger can help you to recover from muscle pain faster. That is why people who exercise a lot are advised to take ginger on a regular basis.

Reduction Of Inflammation: Ginger is a rich source of essential vitamins and minerals, that is why it can help to reduce inflammation in your body.

Better Skin Health: Ginger is a good source of Vitamin C and B complex. These vitamins are very important to keep your skin healthy. Regular consumption of ginger can help you to get rid of the dry and rough skin.

Less Cardiovascular Disease: The health of your heart depends on your body fat percentage and cholesterol level. Ginger can help to reduce cholesterol, which helps your heart to stay healthy.

Cure Of Ostioartheirties: The active compounds of ginger can cure the symptoms of Osteoarthritis and various another disease.

Ginger is being used as a medicinal herb in Asian countries since the ancient times. This herb is full of active compounds and essential nutrients. Most people use raw ginners to make tea, which is a great remedy for flu and cold. Regular consumption of ginger can help you to live a better and healthy life. Ginger not only gives you a healthy skin, it also improves your gut health as well.

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