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    Masala Chai!!

    Chai is something without which we Indians can’t survive. I am also a Masala Chai lover and would like to share my Masala Chai preparation with all of you!!! Hope you will try it and If you have some suggestions to make it better, please let me know!!! It might be possible that you people will think why I have chosen Masala Chai as my first recipe for my blog, being Indian, Masala Chai is my favorite drink.

    20 min

    49.8 kcal


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    Yummy Garlic Chutney with lot of Health Benefits

    Here's the easiest Garlic Chutney recipe that requires less time and effort but it provides all the health benefits and tastes you might be looking for.   Enjoy this delicious chutney with chapatti, dal fry and Baati!!

    1 min

    30 kcal


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    Bharwa Bhindi

    Stuffed Okra or BharwaBhindi is a famous Indian side dish in which Bhindi (Lady Finger/Okra) are stuffed with a spicy and tangy masala filling. The key ingredient to make this dish is the spicy bharwa (filling) masala that is made of Haldi (Turmeric), Garam Masala, Mirchi powder (Red Chillies), other curry spices and Salt. Alternatively, dry roasted Besan (Gram Flour) can likewise be added to the Masala. (more…) →

    75 min

    76 kcal


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    Dal makhani

    Dal makhani, a flavourful hearty lentil preparation, is a celebrated delicacy from punjab. Whole urad and Rajma give calcium and protein which are critical for maintenance of your body cells and healthy bones. Cooking the lentil (dal) in tomato purée happens to add a small amount of sharpness to the dish and use to enhance also it with vitamin an and folic acid. Attempt this dal with methi makai ki roti, to make a satisfying low fat meal. (more…) →

    16 min

    170.0 kcal